Choosing a French battery at a competitive cost

ParaNocta is a French manufacturer of rechargeable and versatile wireless lighting fixtures for hospitality and event professionals and individuals. Made in France is part of the DNA of the company that wants to produce in France as much as possible. ParaNocta offers a quality alternative to portable lighting products mainly produced in Asia for reasons of production costs and because of the complexity associated with the supply of batteries.

ParaNocta wanted to find a French partner that would allow it to relocate the assembly of its entire lamp.

What makes the difference

French battery
Flexibility and quality
Guaranteed performance

A French battery at a competitive cost that allows them to relocate the assembly of their product in France, and an agile and attentive customer service.

What has been done

ParaNocta was having difficulty finding a viable alternative to its battery elsewhere than in China. By entrusting the manufacture of its battery to VolTR from now on, Paranocta can count on a reliable and agile local partner.

The partnership with VolTR not only allows Paranocta to consider the complete relocation of its lamp assembly in France but also to guarantee after-sales service and the repairability of its products to its customers. Everyone is a winner: the producer, the distributor and the end customer.

The result


The VolTR battery saves 1 hour of autonomy for the Paranocta lamp post


The project allows ParaNocta to consider relocating the assembly of its product in France.


By choosing a remanufactured battery, ParaNocta reduces the environmental impact of its product

Stéphane Ponge, Founder - ParaNocta

“The listening capacity and agility of the VoltR team allowed us to design a battery adapted to our needs, made in France and at a competitive cost. We were even able to improve the performance of our product by increasing its autonomy.”

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