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Batteries Remade in France for professionals

High performance
We guarantee a level of performance greater than or equal to new batteries depending on the application.

All our batteries are reconditioned from second-life cells in order to avoid the extraction of new resources.


We manufacture batteries according to your specifications and your target prices


We certify and guarantee all our batteries according to current standards and market practices.


This is the average residual capacity of a cell when it is sent for recycling


This is the weight of cells manufacturing in the battery carbon footprint

Before mining new resources, let's think about circularity

We maximize the value of the European supply of end-of-life batteries by giving a second life to their lithium cells. A cell reused in a new battery means less mining, less waste and less carbon footprint.

Our solutions

Discover our solutions which address the entire value chain of lithium batteries

Battery manufacturing
Order from catalog or custom design
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Cells selling
Cells tested and ready to integrate: 18650, 21700, pouch...
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SOH diagnosis
Maximize the life time of your batteries
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Collection of end-of-life batteries
Collection and transport, reporting formalities
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A rigorous industrial process that creates value

From collection to remanufacturing, we address the whole second life value chain of batteries.

End of life batteries are dismantled in order to isolate the cells.
These are then tested to measure their state of health and be remanufactured into a new battery

Our mission

The concept of the performance staircase

We reuse cells in a new application adapted to their residual performance.

For example, an end-of-life battery for a bicycle may contain reusable cells for a new less energy consuming battery for a portable speaker.

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Our latest case studies

Our customers explain their issues related to the lithium batteries built in their product. And how we helped them to relocalize and decarbonize their production

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Our certifications and guarantees

We certify all our products according to the requirements of the European market. We adapt certifications and markings according to your specifications.

IEC 62133
A 38.3
Other certifications on demand

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