Collecting batteries from professionals

Why entrust us with your lithium batteries?


We offer a turnkey solution for our customers all over Europe. We ensure the declarative formalities and rapid support.

Economic gain

We transform your waste into resources. Capitalize on your unused batteries by giving them a second life.


We give a second life to your batteries in our French reconditioning factory.

Our products and services

Supply of containers and support for storage and packaging
Pick-up and shipping according to ADR standards
Completion of declarative formalities (BSDD)
We give a second life to your batteries
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Recovering your unused batteries

Thanks to remanufacturing, your batteries are no longer considered as expensive waste but as value-added resources.

Restricting storage of dangerous wastes

Setting up a regular and secure collection system reduce the risks of lithium batteries storage.

Making batteries more circular

Giving a second life to end-of-life batteries allows to reduce wastes and the minig of new resources.

A project? A question?

Our teams are at your disposal to discuss your project and your needs.

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A rigorous industrial process that regenerates value

Battery types

We collect lithium-ion batteries of all chemistries (LMP, LCO, NCA, LFP...) that are not damaged. We accept sources from e-mobility (bikes, scooters, etc.), industrial and domestic electronic devices, energy storage systems...

Think second life before recycling

Before turning to traditional recycling solutions, think about the second life. A battery is considered as a waste whereas it still has an average of 80% of its capacity left. Remanufacturing allows to capitalize on this residual performance by giving new life to the battery before it is shredded for recycling.

Our certifications and guarantees

We certify all our products according to the requirements of the European market. We adapt certifications and markings according to your needs.

Main markets of our batteries

Our latest case studies

Our customers explain their issues related to the lithium batteries built in their product. And how we helped them to relocalize and decarbonize their production

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