Lithium Cell Sales

Why choose our cells?


Our characterization technology allows us to guarantee the performance of each cell


We give new life to the cells extracted from the batteries we collect. Reuse these cells avoid the extraction of new resources


Our cells are tested and reconditioned in our French factory.

Our products and services

18650 high capacity cells
All brands - 1500mAh to 3300mAh
18650 high power cells
All brands - 1000mAh to 2500mAh
21700 cells
All brands - 2000mAh to 4900mAh
Pouch cells
All brands - All dimensions
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Eco-design your product

A new cell weighs heavily on the carbon footprint of your product. It is possible to choose second-life cells by improving performance.

Relocating its supplies

Choosing a French cell supplier makes it possible to reduce transport costs and to better control its sourcing

Designing a custom battery

Our characterization technology allows us to provide you with cells that meet the specifications of your batteries

A project? A question?

Our teams are at your disposal to discuss your project and your needs.

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A rigorous industrial process that regenerates value

Innovative characterization solution

All our cells are tested and characterized using advanced technology combining artificial intelligence and modeling. Our algorithms allow us to select the cells that will best meet your specifications.

Our certifications and guarantees

We certify all our products according to the requirements of the European market. We adapt certifications and markings according to your needs.

Main markets of our batteries

Our latest case studies

Our customers explain their issues related to the lithium batteries built in their product. And how we helped them to relocalize and decarbonize their production

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