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A French company founded in 2012, Innled is a manufacturer of battery lighting for professionals. With a range of products distributed in 10 European countries, it is the leader in the European market for event lighting towers. For more than ten years, the company has defended a local production ecosystem and a sustainable vision of design. Every day, it seeks to reduce its carbon footprint at all levels of its activity.

Innled sought to source cells locally while reducing the environmental impact of its product

What makes the difference

Sourcing français
Second life cells
Guaranteed performance

Cells sourced in France, eco-responsible and as efficient as new cells.

Our ability to provide cells that perfectly match their specifications thanks to our characterization technology.

What has been done

Innled decided to replace the 18650 cells imported from China for its flagship product with 21700 second-life cells.

This allowed them to reduce the number of cells in their product and thus make it more ergonomic.

This redesign was also an opportunity to make the battery more repairable by removing the sheathing in order to be able to replace defective cells in after-sales service.

This collaboration allows Innled to innovate on its market by offering a more eco-responsible product and with additional functionalities.

The result


This collaboration allows them to position themselves as a pioneer in our market.

Producing more sustainably

The project makes it possible to give a second life to 40,000 cells per year.


The company makes the choice to turn to a local player

Amanda Sempill, Marketing Director - INNLED

“The result was beyond our expectations because the performances were superior to our usual new cells, which allowed us to gain 10% of autonomy in boost mode.

Thanks to VolTR we use a component sourced in France, eco-responsible and also efficient, how can we resist?”

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