Maximize the life of your batteries with confidence

For Famoco customers, it's impossible to run out of battery. The company took no risks and scrupulously respected the warranty of use of their battery supplier. After one year of age, the battery was systematically sent for recycling, i.e. 450 kg of batteries recycled and replaced by new ones every year.

Famoco quickly identified the production and transport of their batteries as a structural lever for reducing their environmental impact.

What makes the difference

Battery diagnostics
A local solution
A trusted third party

Our diagnostic expertise allows Famoco to return batteries to its customers with confidence.

A local solution (within Europe) that considerably reduces their emissions related to the transport of their batteries

What has been done

Famoco systematically replaced the batteries in its devices after one year, i.e. 450 kg of batteries recycled and replaced by new ones every year.

Our solution allows Famoco to ensure the real health of the batteries before sending them to their customer.

Thanks to characterization, VolTR is in a position to test battery cells and thus provide them with the SOH (State Of Health) of each cell.

The result

Make it last

60% of the batteries tested could be reused

The key result here a bit longer

16.8 t of CO2e emissions avoided by avoiding the production of new batteries


A feasibility study is currently underway for the remanufacturing of batteries dedicated to Famoco products.

Simon Regnier, logistics manager - Famoco

“Thanks to VoltR, our unsold batteries that are over 1 year old can be treated and their lifespan extended. A reused battery is an extra battery that is not produced with rare minerals or transported around the world.”

“VoltR is a reliable company and relatively close to our logistics center located in Belgium”

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